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Whole of Life Insurance

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What is whole of life insurance?

While the majority of life insurance policies only pay out if you pass away within a fixed time frame - also known as a ‘term’ - a whole of life insurance policy pays a lump sum to your beneficiaries or loved ones when you die. It is also known as whole of life assurance, which means that it is guaranteed to pay out in the event of your death.

Just like with any other policy, you will pay a monthly (or sometimes annual) premium, and you will remain covered as long as you continue to make these monthly payments.

How does Whole of Life Insurance work?

The main difference between standard life insurance and a whole of life insurance policy is that it takes more of an investment approach. The provider you choose will retain a portion of your monthly payment to pay for your policy, and the remaining part will be invested.

This can make the process a little more complex, but don’t worry, our experts are always available to explain things so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What kinds of cover are there?

There are two kinds of whole of life insurance available. These are:

Maximum cover - This kind of policy will often start out with cheaper monthly payments, because the majority of your premium will be used to cover your actual policy rather than being invested. However, a pre-agreed timeframe will be put in place after which your provider can review your policy to see if you are more of a risk in their eyes, and your monthly premium could increase

Balanced cover - Also known as standard cover, the monthly premiums for this kind of policy will be set at a high enough amount that can stay the same for the entire duration of your policy. The final lump sum payment will also be fixed

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