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Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Legal Sector

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Why take out Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Legal Sector?

Any kind of business that provides advice, guidance, consultations or a professional service, should have some kind of professional indemnity insurance policy in place, and the legal sector is no exception.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Legal Sector?

If a client claims that they have suffered reputational or financial damage due to your advice or work, then you could face legal action from them. Whether this is proven to be true or not, the costs of defending against such accusations can mount up very easily. Professional indemnity insurance for the legal sector helps to protect you against those kinds of costs.

Why do people in the legal sector need Professional Indemnity Insurance for the Legal Sector?

On the surface, professional indemnity insurance provides financial protection for those working in the legal sector, should a claim be made against them or the company they work for professional indemnity insurance for the legal sector has you covered.

Underneath, professional indemnity insurance can protect lawyers and solicitors from a number of situations, including:

Professional negligence - If a client is unhappy with the advice that has been given, or if that advice was incorrect, this comes under the umbrella of professional negligence, which indemnity insurance can help protect against

Reputation protection - In the legal world, your reputation can be everything. Having the right kind of cover in place can also help with crisis management and public relationship management

Intellectual property infringement - The internet has resulted in huge amounts of content being available, but it has also increased the chances of accidentally breaching copyright. Whether this is done by yourself or if someone does it to you, the right kind of cover can help protect you

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Professional indemnity insurance may not be something you have thought about in the past, but it can help provide an essential layer of protection should things ever go sour between yourself or a member of your team and one of your clients. If you need help finding the right policy, contact our team today and we will be happy to provide further advice on professional indemnity insurance.

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