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Joint Life Insurance

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How does Joint Life Insurance work?

If something ever happens to you or your partner, there’s nothing that can make up for the loss. But what a life insurance policy does is act as a safety net to ease the financial pressure that may be left behind should something terrible happen.

A joint life insurance policy is different from an individual policy because it covers both you and your partner in case one of you passes away. This lump sum will help to take care of any mortgage or rent payments and bills. As the policy already states who will receive the payment, it can help to speed up the process.

Why should I get joint life insurance?

A joint life insurance policy will cover both you and your partner. In the event that one of you passes away, the policy will pay out to help cover an array of payments such as mortgage, rent, bills, funeral costs, debts or other family support.

Should you and your partner want to continue the policy if one of you dies, the policy will need to be extended or renewed as new.

How much does joint life insurance cost?

The monthly premiums you have to pay will vary greatly depending on a number of factors, one of the most common is age. The sooner you take out a policy the cheaper it tends to be.

Another factor is whether or not you choose to take out critical illness cover alongside a joint life insurance policy, but again it tends to be cheaper when you’re younger.

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