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Joint Health Insurance

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How does Joint Healthcare Insurance Work?

Similar to individual health insurance, although joint health insurance is for a couple rather than an individual. It is often seen as a cheaper and more efficient way for partners or spouses to receive private medical care should either or both fall ill.

Joint health insurance is the same as other insurance policies in that it requires the policy holders to pay monthly premiums until they require medical treatment, upon which the policy pays out.

Why do I need joint health insurance?

Thanks to the NHS in the UK, all citizens can access medical care and treatment for free. However, the NHS is under a great amount of pressure which can result in lengthy waiting times for a diagnosis and treatment. Joint health insurance allows both you and your partner to bypass those potential delays and seek private medical care without having to worry about the costs. Seeking private medical care can sometimes allow you access to specialised experts and treatments that are not available on the NHS.

What is and is not covered by joint health insurance?

Your policy can often be tailored to the type of cover that you need, to a certain extent. What you should be most wary of, is what your policy doesn’t include. The most common exclusions are:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes
  • Treatment at an outpatient facility
  • Diagnostic tests

However, this is not the case for every policy. Some companies will allow anyone to be insured even with a pre-existing condition, so long as certain criteria are met, for example, showing not symptoms for a certain number of years.

Joint Healthcare Insurance Policies can also be amended to include extras, such as:

  • Dental
  • Eye care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental health

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It’s relatively simple and straightforward to get a joint health insurance policy; the most you and your partner will be asked are questions about your general health and family history. If you need advice on this policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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