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Income Protection Insurance

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Why Take out Income Protection Insurance?

If you’ve ever worried about how your mortgage, rent or bills would get paid if yourself or your partner were suddenly unable to work for a period of time, then income protection insurance could give you peace of mind. There are a number of reasons why you or your partner may be unable to work, such as illness, injury or redundancy.

It’s not a nice thought to have, but savings can disappear quickly if you have a mortgage or rent, bills, children to support, food and transport to consider. That’s where income protection insurance comes in.

What are the different types of income protection insurance?

There are two main types of income protection insurance. These are:

Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) - This should not be confused with private health insurance. PHI protects a percentage of your income (typically 50% of your salary), and pays out in the event of injury or illness, or once you reach normal retirement age. PHI will cover you for as many months as you need until you retire

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) - This protects your mortgage and rent payments or any other debt payments in the event of you falling ill, sustaining injury through an accident, or redundancy. Unlike PHI, ASU covers you for 12 or 24 monthly payments max

Will income protection insurance affect my sick pay?

It won’t; the whole point of income protection insurance is that it takes over payments once your sick pay ends. The amount of sick pay you receive depends entirely on the package laid out by your employer. With that being the case, income protection insurance is ideal for those who are self-employed as there are no employment benefits to protect them.

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