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Critical Illness Insurance

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What is critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance is a specific type of policy that pays out if you are unable to work and pay your mortgage and bills if you become injured or get a certain medical condition, a list of which is usually stated in the policy. In this case, the policyholder will receive a payout lump sum from their insurance provider which can be used to cover mortgages, bills, rent, debt or making alterations to the home e.g. wheelchair access or a stairlift. Only one payout will be made and then the policy ends.

Critical illness cover should not be confused with life insurance. However, the two are usually sold together, for example, when taking out a mortgage.

What is covered by critical illness insurance?

Not all conditions will be covered by this kind of policy, and the policy will also state how serious the medical condition or injury must be. What is covered will also vary between policies.

Examples of what is most commonly covered include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer - certain types and stages
  • Long-term illnesses such as multiple sclerosis

Why take out critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance isn’t necessarily always a requirement - although many mortgage providers require that you take out a policy before a mortgage can be approved - but it can be incredibly beneficial when planning for the unexpected.

If something were to happen that meant you were unable to work, benefits and savings may not be enough to replace that lost form of income. The types and amount of allowance and benefits available can vary depending on your eligibility, your circumstances, and the seriousness of the illness or injury.

Critical illness insurance can therefore by incredibly beneficial if you don’t have enough savings to cover rent, mortgage and bills, or if your place of employment doesn’t include sick payments to cover long periods off work.

​How much will critical illness insurance cost?

As with all insurance policies, your monthly payments will vary depending on a number of different factors…

  • Your age - the younger you are when your policy starts, the lower your monthly payments tend to be
  • The amount of cover you are taking out e.g. what your potential lump sum would be
  • Your smoking status, either now or in the past
  • Your general health - there will be questionnaires to fill in to determine your physical health and family’s medical history
  • Your job - some jobs carry more of a risk than others e.g. manual labour

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