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Why do I need catering insurance?

The catering industry is made up of a huge range of businesses, each one of a different size and specialising in a different area. Unfortunately, the nature of the business can expose you and your company to a large number of risks; catering insurance can help provide some much needed protection.

Why do I need catering insurance?

Catering insurance provides protection against a whole range of circumstances. This can include:

  • Injury to staff
  • Injury to the public
  • Damage to property
  • Food poisoning or illness from food

What kinds of catering insurance are available?

If you own a catering business, there are two kinds of catering insurance cover that you should consider:

Public liability - If you work in the same area as the general public - it could be an eating area, a gazebo or marquee that you have erected for the occasion, or as simple as some tables and chairs - then public liability insurance should be on your mind. This kind of insurance protects against compensation claims and legal fees if a member of the public suffers an injury or has their property damaged due to your work

Employer liability - If you employ any kind of staff, whether it’s permanent, temporary, contractual, seasonal and even students or interns, you are required by law to have this kind of insurance. It protects you against claims made by employees who have been injured or fallen ill while under your employment

Is there anything else I should know about catering insurance?

If you already work in catering, you will know that it is a highly regulated industry - there is a great deal for you to consider. While catering insurance can provide you with a safety net should something happen, it’s important for you to stay ahead of any potential problems.

You can do this by ensuring that both you and your staff are fully trained and understand the regulations that apply to your industry. Everyone should be able to show this knowledge to any inspectors.

Make sure that regular risk assessments are carried out on all activities and processes that happen within your business. This ensures that any risks are spotted, considered, controlled or eliminated.

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