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What is aviation insurance?

This kind of insurance policy is specifically designed to cover complex aircraft machinery, their operation and the potential risks involved. Depending on the specific type of aviation insurance, each kind of coverage can protect against hull losses, passenger injuries, and third-party or environmental damage.

What kinds of aviation insurance are there?

Due to the complex nature of aviation and as aircrafts fly for a whole manner of reasons, there are multiple kinds of aviation insurance available. These are:

In-flight insurance - This provides cover for any damage that is done while the plane is moving. This is an important one to consider as some policies do not cover the aircraft while it is in motion. In-flight insurance is often the most expensive kind of policy

Ground risk hull (non-motion) - This kind of policy covers damages that has been sustained while the plane was on the ground but stationary. Examples include: vandalism, lightning, animal damage, damage caused by other aircrafts or vehicles, heavy hail, or theft

Ground risk hull (motion) - This kind of policy is very similar to non-motion, except that damage sustained while the plane is on the ground and in motion is now covered, for example, during take off and taxi

Public liability insurance - In many countries, this kind of insurance is required by law. It covers damages that occur to third-party property and people, but not damage done to the plane itself or any passengers on board

Passenger liability insurance - This kind of policy is often required by law for certain types of planes and certain pilots. It provides cover for any passengers on board the flight while the policy holder is flying

Combined single limit - This is a bundle policy that combines both public and passenger liability insurance

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When it comes to aviation insurance, it can be difficult to know the minimum amount of cover that you need in order to fly legally. Ultimately, it all depends on the nature of your flying and who, if anyone, will be joining you. Fortunately, our experts can help guide you towards the right policy, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today to get the perfect coverage.

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