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PROsurance is a company formed from over 35 years combined experience in the legal and financial sector. We have over 10,000 happy clients procured and placed into financial and legal products.

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"Thank you so much for your all help and patience. You have been fantastic answering all my questions. I highly recommend your service to my friends and family. I feel alot more contented with life knowing my family are looked after"

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West Midlands

"Your customer service approach and communication is excellent. Better than most, and a credit to you in a business. I have struggled in the past with getting all my questions answered especially with having a fairly unique case. Would highly recommend to any of my friends and family"

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PROsurance is a directly authorised FCA providing insurance policies for all your protection needs. We provide a fully advised service with the UK’s leading insurers under one roof including Aviva, Legal & General, Vitality and LV.

We have a fully dedicated team here to help you with all aspects of your insurance protection needs from life insurance to house insurance. Taking a policy with us today means you have joined the PROsurance family.

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More FAQ's

Yes. You are allowed as many life insurance policies as you wish, and are welcome to take out additional cover even if your employer is already providing some protection

However, insurers may ask questions if you wish to insure yourself for a large sum, (in excess of £300,000). If you wish to have a high level of insurance, you may need to prove a need for this cover.

You can rest assured that you will receive the right type of policy for your circumstances because we operate on a fully advised basis which means that once we have carefully assessed your needs they will make a recommendation. This is a much better approach than starting a policy on a NON-ADVISED BASIS because we stand by our advice.

Multiple factors. The cost of your premium will depend on a number of key factors, including your age, medical history, lifestyle, weight/height (BMI), occupation and hobbies, as well as whether you smoke.

The type of policy, the length of the term and level of cover you choose will also affect the cost of your premium.

The main reason that an insurer will refuse to pay out on your policy is if they think you have not disclosed something important, (‘non-disclosure’).This could be to do with your occupation, your hobbies or whether you smoke or not.

If you are 100% truthful in your application to the insurance provider at the start of the policy, and if you make sure you keep them informed throughout the term of any major changes in circumstance, there should be no problem when the time comes to claim.

Life insurance is a great way of ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of financially if you were no longer around. It is a cost-effective way of offering your family protection while providing you peace of mind.

If you pass away within the policy term, your family/dependents will benefit from a lump sum pay out from the insurer, as specified by your cover.